Corrosion Analysis, Assessment, and Modeling – Lead Leaching in Municipal Pipework

Chemilab’s corrosion analysis service offers our clients insights into the long-term behaviour of materials in corrosive environments. This enables them to upgrade to corrosion-resistant materials and optimise corrosion protection strategies in the interim. A prime example of this is the Chemilab designed and operated Lead Analysis Rigs for the Irish Water network, accurately simulating the potential for lead leaching from legacy pipework into the national drinking water supply.

Laboratory corrosion analysis typically follows a structured approach that includes the following steps:

  1. Collection and Processing: A volume of processed water is collected from affected areas. This sample is continuously passed through our bespoke rig for a representative period of time under controlled conditions.
  2. Corrosion Monitoring: During the exposure period, corrosion parameters such as corrosion rate are monitored. Techniques may include weight loss measurements, trace element assessment, or ICP analysis.
  3. Data Analysis and Interpretation: The collected data is analysed to assess corrosion behaviour, identify corrosion mechanisms, and evaluate the performance of applied chemistries or corrosion protection strategies.
  4. Efficacy Evaluation: The process is repeated with various control chemistries to determine their effectiveness, associated dose rate, and longevity.
  5. Reporting and Recommendations: Chemilab provides comprehensive findings and uniquely makes recommendations for chemical corrosion control measures. Appropriate dose rates are issued, and performance is monitored post-implementation. All chemical solutions and associated dosing equipment can be sourced from Chemifloc.

At Chemilab, we are dedicated to providing thorough corrosion analysis services, offering actionable recommendations for effective corrosion control and facilitating the procurement of necessary chemical solutions.


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Our Products

Chemifloc offers an extensive range of chemical products in the following categories:


Our chemicals are added to water to form aluminium or iron precipitates. These absorb impurities in the water as they form, functioning to clean the water supply of contaminants.

Potable (Drinking)
Water Polyelectrolytes

Potable polyelectrolytes are chemical flocculants used in the conditioning/ thickening of the sludge line in potable drinking water treatment. They help floc formation and removal.


Polyelectrolytes are chemical flocculants used in the conditioning/ thickening of the sludge line in wastewater treatment.


Chemifloc provide a wide range of general chemical products, including aluminium sulphate, ferric sulphate, sodium hypochlorite and fluoride.

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